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Culture and History
Explores the cultural traditions of Tibet and the elders' lives as the children of farmers, herders and traders or as young monks and nuns in monasteries.


Buddhist Traditions (including Bon)
Details the religious and spiritual traditions of Tibet, including Buddhist monasteries, the influence of these traditions in everyday life and perceptions of the Chinese occupation.


Chinese Invasion and Occupation
Describes the infiltration of Tibetan villages by the Chinese army and the subsequent dissolution of traditional Tibetan social, cultural, and religious ways of life.


Oppression and Imprisonment
Documents eyewitness accounts of arrests, beatings, imprisonment and forced work in labor camps after the Chinese invasion.


Resistance and Revolution
Highlights efforts by Tibetans - many of whom were Buddhist monks - to fend off the Chinese invasion and protect His Holiness the Dalai Lama before he fled to India.